Sunday, June 6, 2010

40 years ago today

40 years ago today I was a blushing bride marrying the most handsome man in the world. We were 22 years old and ready to conquer the world. A little older now, a whole lot wiser and more in love than ever. Happy Anniversay Honey!

Terry had a pretty good night last night and then this morning they tried to get the feeding tube exactly where they wanted it again. When they were done, they x-rayed him and it showed the tube was still not in the right place. The team decided to go ahead and try to feed him through the tube anyway since it is important that he start to get some food into him.

Bill, Mark and I met with one of Terry's doctors this morning, Dr. Chan, and he shared with us Terry's latest CAT scan. The scan shows that there are parts of his brain are still swollen but there are now air spots which means the brain has shrunk down to it's normal size in areas, which is a really good thing.

There is a scale that the doctors use called a Glascow Coma scale which measures levels of consciousness. You and I are at a 15 and Terry has now moved up to a 10 today. Yesterday he was at a 9 so this was some improvement also. We are still hoping for him to wake up today but we are happy with what we have seen so far also.

Thank you again for the continued prayers and comments!

Mary Lynn


  1. Grateful for baby steps today. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Praises!!! I will continue to lift you all up! Please keep us posted.

  3. small miracles and a string of hope. You Both are in our thoughts and prayers.