Thursday, June 10, 2010

God is so good all the time. He knows when we need some encouragement. Terry's feeding tube got a kink in it, so they pulled it and tested his swallowing. They needed to give him some more tylenol because his fever was coming up, he was swallowing well, they tried medicine in a fruit smoothie and were sucessful. He also ate some applesauce and said it was good. He still does not understand that he is in the hospital. He is in a fog. He is still not considered awake, but in a in and out state. You, wide awake are 15, he is fluctuating between 11 or 12. They are moving him to the TRACU center today. I know I said that before, but now it may be reality. They determined his high fever was from a lung and bladder infection. They have an antibotic specially for this infection.
Thank you Lord for giving us a "up" just when neeeded.
I'll check in later if he gets moved, sometimes it gets busy.
Mary Lynn


  1. Real food tastes better that that "stuff" anyday! Good to hear he was able to eat a little soft foods without a feeding tube. I just know we will hear/see great things this coming week!

    We will miss you this weekend Mary Lynn, you won't be far from our minds as we enjoy women's retreat weekend. You are here in our thoughts and prayers. Love you!


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  3. typed a boo-boo in the first message, so here goes again. Keith's daughter in AK gave me this saying that a friend had given to her when going through rough times - "When you're going through hell - KEEP GOING!!!" I loved it, good encouragement. God will see you through. Everyday brings healing, God's healing. He, the Maker of every cell in Terry's body, plans on healing them!!! We love you guys. Keith and Jean in Pendleton