Monday, June 28, 2010

I want to write something to you my good friend Arta Jo Weaver wrote to me. It was such a blessing to read. "What a wondrous God we serve in whatever capacity we need at a given moment. And how difficult it is for we humans to remember that and rely on Him as our primary resource in all the little unimportant daily needs-thus preparing us to feel secure in bringing the biggest of our needs to Him when we are called on to fully TRUST." This is so important to remember that God wants to be our God everyday, in all the little joys, frustrations, and moments. When He is, it is a lot easier to turn everything over in our big worries or fears.
Today the Doc came in and Terry asked about going home. He said, "Well, probably this week" We are so excited, we have our big meeting tomorrow and we will find out more. They are looking into the best rehab places close to us (2 hours)that will be the most beneficial to continuing Terry's outpatient rehab. It needs to have people that deal with head traumas.
All through the sessions today, we just grinned at each other. They will send us home with lots to do plus the rehab. He will also need to rest well, twice a day. But going home just makes our hearts overflow.
We will know more in the next few days, but PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

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  1. Our God who has created to the very ends of the universe, yet sets His eyes on us. How wonderous is that! Praise Him for Terry's continued recovery and your encouragement. Bless you both. Jean and Keith