Thursday, June 17, 2010

God is so good all the time. I am amazed at how He answers prayers when they are so insignificant to everyone but us. When I arrived at the hospital this morning, Terry was very restless. He wanted to go home and seemed so mixed up. Yesterday was such a good day and today seemed liked we were going backwards. I was discouraged and frustrated with the staff for small details. I prayed over Terry and expected results. God in His wisdom said, "OK little lady, how about your attitude?" It definatly neeeded improvement. I asked forgiveness for my attitude and prayed I would be honoring to God. This afternoon He blessed Terry with a clearer mind. His restlessness abated and he started reading an article in the Traditional Bowhunter magazine. He seemed to really enjoy it. I had taken him on a little spin around the hospital. He seemed to enjoy this. It was our second excursion of the day. He also walked around the entire TRACU floor. I finally talked to a Dr. today that answered some questions. That was encouraging. When I left tonight he was relaxed and seemed to understand what I was doing. He made a list today numbering it in sequencial order. Some people have trouble with reading, spelling and math with aphasia. I was pleased he was reading and spelling.
Terry said he prayed today. I am pleased about that. God is good all the time.

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  1. Yes Marylynn, God is indeed good all the time.

    A friend posted this today on my Facebook and I will share it with you. "When it rains it pours" if you're in the middle of yuckiness, keep your head up or you will miss the RAINBOW that always follows the storm. :)

    That RAINBOW, many times, comes from HIM at just the moment we seem to think we can't take anymore.

    I pray that you will continue to find your own RAINBOWS when most needed.