Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God can move mountains with a blink of an eye, or create the whole earth in six days, but on hospital time everyone is laid back. However, Terry moved to RIO today. He was very excited. He was dressed and waiting for the van. I followed along behind in the car. I was doing great until a semi got in front of me on the bridge. I couldn't see a thing. I was having wild imaginations of getting lost and never finding Terry again. So being resourceful, I zooted around, in and out just like I knew what I was doing. Mario Andreti would be proud. He got to go right up to the front entrance, but I had to pick one of three parking garages and hope it was close to where I needed to be. To put it a nutshell, I miscalculated. Anyway, I finally made it to his room. He was all relaxed and looking well. The Dr. came in and visited for awhile, also the physical therapist, phychologist, and occupational therapist. They did some testing and some he passed and some he didn't. He was excited about all the activity and saw that he needed what was going to happen starting tomorrow. He was so hungry today and kept asking for food. It was fun to see him eat. What a blessing it is to see changes in a positive way. He is still confused, and still can't follow all they ask him to do, but each day is better.
While walking today with a cane, he deliberatly tried to step on my toes with the cane. The old Terry is emerging more every day.
In my Bible on one footnote it says that true wisdom goes beyond amassing knowledge; it is applying knowledge in a life-changing way. Wisdom comes from allowig what God teaches to guide us. God is teaching us so much right now. What a joy.

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