Monday, June 7, 2010

"The hands that fashioned the universe are strong enough to heal you and gentle enough to hold you."

This was on a card Terry and I received at the hospital this morning. Today those hands started the healing process with Terry. This afternoon he woke up a little more. He asked for his glasses and when Miriah went in and said "Hi Dad", he opened his eyes, looked at her and said "Hi Miriah." . Praise the Lord. He squeezed Mark's hand when asked to do so and opened his eyes a lot more when we talked to him. Is he awake? No, not completely. His blood pressure is high again, and they won't move him out of ICU until it is under control. He is hard to understand, but he is trying to communicate. I introduced Terry to the doctor and he closed his eyes and went to sleep. I guess he was not impressed with the man God used to save his life. He will be someday. God can use each of us in ways only He can imagine. Never fear when God uses you in a way you feel uncomfortable with because with God all is possible. Okay, so I feel preachy today but I am bubbling with happiness. I just want God to get the glory and credit for all. Your interceding prayers are so very important. God loves to hear His saints.
Mary Lynn

PS - Some of you are asking when do I update this blog. I will update each morning after I have spoken with the doctors (which can be anytime between 9-12) and after I go home each night (usually around 5ish. They give him medicine to help him sleep through the night and this puts him out so we leave so he can get his rest).

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  1. Yipee! Miriah's bubbly face can brighten anyone's day! So good to hear. Praise God for his daily miracles with his healing.