Sunday, June 13, 2010

It was a good day today as is every day the Lord makes. Terry realized today that he has been in the hospital 13 days. He was not amused by that. He wanted to know what was next and I told him lots of physical therapy. He seemed pleased to be going to do something. We went outside today again and this time he stayed awake. He really enjoyed it and got a kick out of watchig a robin. Mark, Miriah, Caleb and Owen came to the zoo today and they dropped by while we were outside. He smiled at the kids. He seemed more fluent. I came home and we are all watching "Bolt" and eating popcorn and apples. It is a good day.
Mary Lynn


  1. Marry Lynn,
    I am so pleased to here of treys progress. All of the guys at the bow shoots are really missing him as well as my self. Just tell him Bob and Rusty said to get his act together and get back to shooting. Keep the good news coming.
    You guys are always in our thoughts, Rusty Arnn

  2. After sending my message to you I realized I had miss spellings. I could not get it back to correct so Please excuse my spelling. Later, Rusty