Saturday, June 12, 2010

We had a very wise nurse in ICU named Kregg who said, we would move 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. He is so right. Yesterday afternoon was so busy for Terry. He wanted to go home and no amount of talking was convincing him otherwise. He wore himself out. This morning he had a CT Scan and praise God everything looked good. He is bleeding occasionally out of his right ear, so the specialist checked that. He has a torn eardrum. It should heal fine. They are using eardrops to prevent infection and will keep an eye on his ear. Sorry, that struck me funny. Terry enjoyed a ride in the garden outside his room today in his lounge chair. He went outside about 40 minutes, but was only awake 10 minutes. He smiled in the fresh air.
My sister Melody sent me a beautiful poem I would like to share. Thanks sis.

Sing glory hallelujah!
His love is marching on!
We see it in the sunrise.
We feel it in the dawn.
God's spirit warm and golden,
Like honey for the soul,
Flows out to feed His children,
To keep us strong and whole.
If ever you are weary,
Just turn and seek the Lord.
Release to Him your burdens
And find your strength restored.
Your courage will be bolstered,
Your fears shall melt away.
Sing glory hallelujah!
Praise God and seize the day!
Mary Lynn

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  1. We are so glad to hear that Terry is doing better. It is wonderful that he was able to go out in the sun and fresh air for awhile; that probably felt marvelous to him.

    Thank you for posting his progress daily for everyone to be able to pray specifically to his needs. Jesus is the great physician and I am sure you are all aware that there are literally thousands praying for Terry and the family as well.

    p.s. what a beautiful poem Melody shared with you.

    Mike & Barbara Morehead