Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonder of wonders, we made it to TRACU. He was very attentive to what we said yesterday when he got to his new room. He was disgusted with himself for being there. Terry still wants to go home today or tomorrow. When I tell him no, he gives me the stink-eye. Today he said Andrea could take him home. He's working us all. He acted last night like he understood why he was in the hospital, today not so much. The good news is he got up and sat in a chair for about 40 minutes. He is eating solid food, roast beef sandwich and cookies. Terry seems frustrated today with the whole situation even though he does not know what the whole situation is. I praise the Lord for his improvement and disgust because it tells me he is getting better.
Your cards are such an encouragement. He gets more mail than the staff. They have been a blessing to me. Thank you. Terry will enjoy them all when he is ready to read.
I'm on the prowl for a hunting magazine tonight. Yes, I realize I am in Portland, but I hope Barnes and Noble will not let me down.
I forgot to tell you he has speech, occupational and physical therapy now. That will keep him busy.


  1. Sure wish he was here in town. I would love to visit more often. Please let him know I'm praying for him and am looking forward to our breakfast Ron

  2. Hooray for the stink eye! That has to be a good sign. I bet you never thought you would be so happy to see that! :) Mary Lynn I have been wanting to get on here and let you know that we have been praying for you, Terry and your family since we heard of his accident. We love you guys! Don't forget to take care of yourself too through all of this! Love, Jennifer

  3. I agree with Jennifer - "Hooray for the stink eye"!! We are in Portland tomorrow and are hoping to stop by for a few. You are all in our prayers! Lois