Monday, June 14, 2010

I thought tonight I would explain aphasia. This is a medical term that means"loss of language". Terry has difficulties in speaking, understanding what is said, or recognizing things like common objects. He also has difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings. We do not yet know about reading and writing. Aphasia is always the result of brain injury. Even with these difficulties the person's intelligence is the same as before. The inability to communicate is generally a symptom of aphasia-not a sign of mental imcompetence. He is the same person he was before the accident. People with aphasia are best aided in understanding when those around him speak in a natural tone of voice, speak slowly and use simple, short sentences. Aphasia generally becomes less severe over time. At this time we do not know how severe Terry's aphasia is. We can expect improvement over the next 6 months.
Terry walked to the bathroom today unaided, this was not planned, but he decided it was time so he did. That caused quite a stir. It's good to keep them guessing. What this did tell us is that he has good strength. Since he started out weak on the right side, this was a positive thing.
Guess that's all for today. God bless you all. I so appreciate hearing from you.
Terry's address:
Terry Golter
Legacy Emanuel Hosp
2801 N. Gantenbein Ave
Portland, OR 97227


  1. Mary Lynn it's so good to read your daily posts and follow Terry's progress. Your faith is rock solid and I can just "hear" the joy and excitement in what you write. Will continue to pray and anticipate God's healing touch. Blessings, Karen

  2. Walking is great! We're praying for progress, strength, and perseverance. Hugs!